Camden Passage, Islington is a picturesque car free London street filled with antique, vintage and contemporary shops, outdoor markets, cafes, restaurants & bars.

Four and Twenty Blackbirds

Vintage Costume, Fashion Lace and Textiles, Necklaces, Bracelets, Boots, Books, Top hats

12 Pierrepont Arcade, Islington, London N1 instagram 07875 678501

Photos - Stella Grasso


A vivacious and sometimes quirky selection of costume, vintage fashion, lace and textiles, necklaces, bracelets, boots, books and interesting objects.

A huge selection of designer made silk petalled flowers and corsages, tiaras & scarves for wedding, race or Goodwood or simply lolling in your favorite boudoir.

Costume brooches, top hats, venetian feathered masks presented with a soupcon of mystic flair. Handed down treasures, lots to explore!

Styling and photo shoots bookable through Four and Twenty Blackbirds



Camden Passage


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